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What should you do next?

The best thing you can do now is too learn how to grow in

knowing God. Sign up for our zoom class to learn about

growing together in community and being discipled!

Growing Together Is Better

Watch the video below to learn more on getting started and being discipled.



\ di-​ˈsī-​pəl-​ˌship \ noun

"intentionally equipping believers with the Word of God through accountable relationships in order to replicate faithful followers of Christ."

What You Will Learn


How To Read Your Bible 

Learn in discipleship to effectively read your bible to understand and encounter God's heart about Himself and for yourself. 



Grow Your Heart In Love

God loves you mightily and being discipled will show you his heart for how much he truly loves you!



Overcome Daily Struggles

Discipleship allows you to learn how to fight for each other and overcome struggles and sin. 


Build Lasting Relationships

Through discipleship you will gain fruitful, long-lasting relationships with other like minded believers.   

What You Will Learn

Discipleship Testimonies

Real people who's lives have changed on the journey of discipleship. 


"God has used discipleship with others to show me how committed He is to help me grow in holiness. Before entering into a discipleship group I felt like God was disappointed and ready to give up on me because I had sin in my life that I was consistently struggling with. But once I was a part of a small group that was learning and growing in Jesus I began to understand how the Father’s mercies are truly new every morning and that He is committed to seeing me set free and living holy, just as He is holy!"

- Jacob Y.

"When I understood that the Father desires a family of brothers and sisters linked together in the love of God, everything changed in my heart. Being in a discipleship group or family gives me the confidence that I am not alone in this race; that I have likeminded brothers and sisters to lean onto when needed. The more I grow in Christ, the more I come to understand how much I need discipleship in the context of community/family."

- Robert S.


"I grew up in Virginia where you can throw a rock and hit three churches by accident! Churches everywhere. I even heard the gospel and prayed “the prayer” to be “saved” when I was 11. But from 11 to 18 I got 18 felony’s thinking I was saved. The reason is discipleship was missing. When you get born again your meant to be in the family of God. Discipleship is the place where Christ was formed in me where I learned to read the Bible and hear Gods voice. My life has never been the same."

- Richie S.

"I have grown up in church all my life, but I am only scratching the surface in discovering how much I need discipleship every day. The way I hear God through His Word has exponentially grown, and the tone and sound of His voice is being made clearer as I grow in the knowledge of God and the revelation of who He really is."

- Natalie M.


We are so glad you are taking these steps forward and we are excited to get to know you! We have an amazing team that strives for you to grow in these 3 areas:


- To see you equipped for a lifetime of success in knowing God.

- For you to learn what it likes to grow in community.

- Lastly, that you learn how to pray and read your bible. 

Meet our amazing team!


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