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21 Days.

Hearts Revived.

Souls Saved.

Join thousands of believers who have committed to 21 days of fasting and prayer to see a great awakening in America and a revival of God’s love in our own hearts, families, churches, campuses and every sphere of influence. 


You Can Start Anytime in 3 Easy Steps:


  1. Sign up for the fast below (you will receive an email with fasting guidelines and information) 

  2. Invite your church, small group, family or friends

  3. Pick your start date and enjoy the fast!

Sign Up to Fast 

bless your fast!

Who to Invite

churches. small groups. families. friends. 

During the fast, we will provide you with access to 21 daily videos and inspirational teachings found directly on our blog. We encourage you to go on this fast with others and agree to corporately pray together on a weekly basis and share reflections, encouragement, and testimonies during the fast.

21 Days.

What to Expect

21 devotionals. prayer 4 one.

Gather your group on the start date you have selected to launch the fast. Each person will write down the name of someone who does not have a personal relationship with Jesus.  


Every day, you will follow a 21-day devotional that will impact your heart with God’s love while you pray for that same non-believer daily.

21 Devotions

What Will it Do?

revive your heart. transform your city.

When we fast and pray, not only do our own hearts change, but we actively partner with God's strength "to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free" in our cities and families (Isaiah 58:6).

Revive your Heart

Get Ready for Harvest

Can You See it?

we're together in the harvest field.

After praying and fasting for 21 days, EVERYONE will bring the one person they have been praying for to church. Imagine, what an amazing Sunday it will be as hundreds of new people are given the opportunity to respond to the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.

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